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Appellate Law

Our legal system today is in many ways more complex than ever. There are countless laws, statutes, regulations and rules that affect our clients and the cases we handle for them. Law libraries, that used to be comprised of a limited set of books, often found in nearly every attorney or law firm office, today are best maintained electronically due to the shear volume of material available.

Often other law firms will send clients elsewhere for appeal related matters. Here, in addition to the variety of trial court experience available to clients, you will also find attorneys experienced in the intricacies of appellate law. This relationship and continuity between the trial attorneys and the appellate attorneys is very important and very valuable to a client because often it is before or during a trial that appellate considerations need to be made.

After trial is over, it may be necessary to review the proceedings and decision of the court. At this firm you have the attorneys with the experience necessary to assist in evaluating the record and analyzing the prospects of any appeal. Should an appeal be made, this firm is ready to assist clients in prosecuting or defending that appeal in both the federal and state court appellate systems.