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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is currently booming in West Texas.  Field, Manning, Hawthorne and Aycock attorneys practicing in the areas of oil and gas represent independent operators and mineral and surface owners in a wide variety of transactions ranging from negotiating and drafting joint operating agreements, pipeline agreements, salt water disposal agreements, easement and access agreements, surface use agreements, oil and gas leases and contracts covering the purchase and sale of producing interests and related assignments, conveyances and overrides.

We work closely with our tax attorneys to insure that our clients’ transactions are structured to avoid adverse tax consequences when the law allows. We draw on over 80 years of collective experience in assisting the mineral owner who is faced with the daunting prospect of negotiating an oil and gas lease with a big oil company or an experienced landman.  We gather as much information from our clients as possible so that the resulting lease is customized according to each client’s specific needs.  Our philosophy is that negotiating an excellent bonus and royalty is only the beginning of our job.  We are dedicated to negotiating terms that will best serve our clients’ goals of maximizing income from their mineral and surface interests while preserving those interests for the next generation.  In accomplishing this task, we utilize not only those attorneys who focus on oil and gas, but those tax attorneys, attorneys with experience in the formation of business entities and our estate planning specialists.

The Field, Manning, Hawthorne & Aycock team includes six seasoned trial attorneys who represent clients in all types of disputes related to oil and gas leases, joint operating agreements and salt water disposal agreements.  In addition, we frequently represent clients in cases in which oil and gas constitutes a significant asset of our client’s estate such as divorce, commercial litigation, probate, guardianship and trust litigation, fiduciary litigation and co-tenant disputes between mineral and or surface owners.